Deleting Models

The Laravel-Elasticsearch integration facilitates model deletion in a manner that's highly consistent with the Laravel Eloquent ORM, offering a familiar interface for developers

Single Model Deletion

To delete a single model, first, retrieve the model instance using the find method and then call the delete method on the instance. This operation removes the document from the Elasticsearch index corresponding to the model.

$product = Product::find('IiLKG38BCOXW3U9a4zcn');

Mass Deletion

For deleting multiple models based on certain criteria, you can chain the delete method to a query.


Truncating an Index

The truncate method removes all documents from an index without deleting the index itself. This is useful for quickly clearing all data while preserving the index settings and mappings.


Destroy by _id

Single _id


Multiple _ids

Product::destroy('4yKKHH8BCOXW3U9ag1-8', '_iKKHH8BCOXW3U9ahF8Q');

Multiple _ids as an array

Product::destroy(['4yKKHH8BCOXW3U9ag1-8', '_iKKHH8BCOXW3U9ahF8Q']);

Soft Deletes

Soft deletion is implemented to allow "deleting" a model without actually removing it from the Elasticsearch index. Instead, a deleted_at timestamp is added to the document, and the document is excluded from queries by default.

To use soft deletes, include the SoftDeletes trait in your model:

use PDPhilip\Elasticsearch\Eloquent\Model;
use PDPhilip\Elasticsearch\Eloquent\SoftDeletes;

class Product extends Model
    use SoftDeletes;

With soft deletes enabled, you can include deleted models in your query results using the withTrashed() method:

Product::withTrashed()->where('color', 'red')->get();

With soft deletes enabled, you can restore soft-deleted collections using the restore() query:

Product::withTrashed()->where('color', 'red')->restore();

To permanently remove a soft-deleted collection, you can use the forceDelete method:

Product::withTrashed()->where('discontinued_at', '<', '2020-01-01')->forceDelete();

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